Friday, February 26, 2010

LOST Party

I had to share this! My coworkers threw me a surprise party today since I'm changing jobs (in the same department), and they're definitely aware I'm a LOST fan. :) Evidently my new web team members are also The Others, hmmm... :-D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

6.5: Lighthouse

I got into this episode a bit more than last week's. It was interesting finding out Jack had a kid in the no-plane-crash universe...of course we'll all be wondering who the mother is and if it's a fellow Lostie. If you remember from 1-2 seasons ago, Jack had to have an appendectomy on the Island, but in this universe he had it out at the age of 7. I wonder how that could have changed from the Island being blown up, so odd...

So can we all agree the Island Claire is a nutter now? I wonder if she actually got the "infection" Sayid has, or if she's just been brainwashed the whole time by the Smoke Monster/Christian/Locke "friend." I guess this revealed that the new Locke is the baddie now, since he lied to/brainwashed Claire as Christian and as her new "friend" about the Others taking Aaron. My bf called it that she was going to axe (literally) the Other dude even though he was telling the truth, but I didn't see that coming. It surprised me the same way I was shocked when Alex got shot in the head. I'm assuming Jin lied about the Others having Aaron to be sure that Claire would keep him alive to sneak into the Temple. Any other reason you think he lied?

The lighthouse was pretty cool. When they first showed the images in the mirror my bf thought it was a view into the alternate universe—which would have been pretty darn awesome. Ah well, a spyglass into their lives I guess will have to do. I totally didn't understand the preview for next week...we're only going to see seconds of the entire eppy? What do you think's going down at the Temple?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6.4: The Substitute Screen

So last night I experienced something I rarely encounter while watching Lost...about 40 mins into it I realized I was bored. I'm not exactly sure why, and according to friends I've chatted with I'm in the minority, but I just couldn't get into this episode. I think it may have something to do with my irritation that the Island "John" seems like a mean bully, and coming out of denial that the real John is dead. It makes me sad thinking about how much faith he has in the Island and his purpose there, and yet he ended up murdered with his identity stolen by the moody black smoke monster. :-| Who, according to Ilana, is stuck looking like Locke...for some reason.

Anywho, I did come across some questions that I'm hoping y'all can help me with. First of which, didn't Helen die of like a brain aneurysm or something? Perhaps that wouldn't have happened if she hadn't experienced so much stress with John's obsession w/ his dad...dunno. Also, she mentioned to John having a small wedding with her parents and his dad. If he's on good enough terms w/ his dad that she'd want him at the wedding, I'm assuming that means he didn't push John out a why would he be paralyzed?

That's really about all I've got...yeah I wonder who the creepy lostboy-ish (no pun intended) looking character is. And yeah I wonder why they were all chosen and their last names scratched on rocks years before (supposedly by Jacob). Anyone else notice the numbers by the non-scratched off names match Hurley's numbers? But I don't know, I just didn't feel the usual "no it can't be over!!" feeling upon seeing the ending LOST on the screen. Thoughts?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6.1-3: LA X & What Kate Does

Well friends, we're back (albeit a bit belated)! I can say in my random musings about Season 5's finale I considered the bomb working and Oceanic 815 not crashing, and the bomb not working and them still being stuck on the Island. Never once did I consider both options happening at the same time! I was so confused when Kate woke up in the tree, I initially thought "wait...was that first scene a dream??" So now we seem to have parallel universes. The Losties who blew up the bomb seem to now be in "present time" on the Island, which I assume means in the same time as new John Locke, Ben, Sun and Frank (yay for Jin and Sun). I base that off Jacob visiting Hurley a few hours after Jacob was killed by Ben. The second universe is back in 2004 with Oceanic 815 landing safely in LAX. Oh and one other point, the Island, including Dharmaville and The Foot, is now at the bottom of the ocean. So now instead of flashbacks or flashforwards, we get to see what each character is up to in their respective universe.

It was fun seeing some of our old Losties like Boone and Charlie. Interesting how the Island being blown up has affected other parts of their lives—Shannon not being on the plane, and I also heard Desmond was wearing a wedding band. It sort of sucked seeing the folks whose lives improved on the island, like Jin and Sun and Charlie, back as their old selves. How strange that back on the Island Juliette told Sawyer that "it worked" would she know??

So now it seems we have an answer to what/who the Smoke Monster is. It seems that "spirit" of the man in black can take on any human form it wishes. It's now using the form of John Locke, but I believe we've also seen it as Jack's father Christian and Ben's dead daughter Alex (explains why Alex ordered Ben to follow the new Locke). What do you think was meant by the loophole comment that because of him appearing as Locke, or manipulating Ben to kill Jacob? Does this mean Locke is now a bad guy? Funny how parallel Locke comes across Jack's path in L.A., it would be an interesting twist of events if Jack fixed his paralysis with surgery. On to the next eppy...

So parallel Kate is kind of a biatch, but at least she feels bad about it. I was so convinced that the adoption couple not picking up Claire at the airport meant they didn't actually exist. I remembered her psychic (or whoever he was) telling her to go on that specific flight because he knew it would crash and she'd have to raise Aaron herself, so I thought he made up the couple. It was pretty sad seeing the mom apologize to Claire, nice to see Kate come through as a friend though and take care of her. But how creepy was it seeing Ethan as her doctor?!?

Back on the Island it seemed as though the new Others were testing Sayid to see if he was possessed by the smoke monster. What do you think the poisonous pill would have done...kill the "monster" virus, or kill Sayid? It was heartbreaking seeing Sawyer mourn Juliette on the dock, but I couldn't help but wonder, where would he get an engagement ring in Dharmaville? Ah well, I digress...

So Claire seems to be the new Danielle/wild jungle woman. The Other leader (what was his name...Tokah or something?) said the "virus" consumed Jack's sister (meaning Claire I assume), so is she crazy/sick now? She did seem to recognize Jin...maybe...

What are all your thoughts? I'll repost Robetron's reaction to the first eppy...