Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finale Discussion Questions - by AL

Hey everyone! Feel free to keep leaving comments and conspiracy theories on the previous finale post, but I wanted to create a new thread to discuss a few details of the finale. So here they are:

Discussion Topic #1:

While Locke was determined to stay in the hatch for the countdown to prove that the button was a hoax, why didn't Desmond stop him to tell him it was real? Was Desmond on a suicide mission from the start, or did he still think the button was harmless?

Discussion Topic #2:

Pretend you're Hurley, and you've just been let go by the Others, as Jack, Kate and Sawyer stay helplessly tied up. Do you head back to your group and form a rescue party, or do you leave it up to the dynamic trio to free themselves?

Discussion Topic #3

What do you make of the all the notebooks left in the jungle, now obviously pointless? Is hatch #5 actually the experiment? Why did the Others have a fake hatch, and what is their connection to the Dharma Initiative? Hit me with your best theories!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Live Together, Die Alone" Finale Recap by AL and GS

As the episode begins, we see Jack, Sawyer and Sayid wading out to the boat… and to our almost delight, we discover that it is definitely not a rescue. After hearing rumors that Desmond was to return to the island, I wasn’t surprised that the boat bobbing offshore was piloted by none other than the mysterious Scot. I was, however, surprised to see him wallowing at the bottom of the cabin, nursing a bottle of booze.

And so it begins… what we have all been anticipating. The Lost Season 2, finale. Unfortunately, a lot of questions weren’t answered, and so many more questions were posed. So let’s discuss….

In flashbacks, we finally discover what brought Desmond to the island. His flashback begins as he is exiting a military prison, dishonorably discharged for an unknown reason. As he leaves the prison, he is confronted by a mysterious looking black car, with an even more mysterious Englishman in the backseat. We learn that letters that Desmond has sent to someone named “Penny” haven’t reached their destination, and that the mysterious Englishman is Penny’s father. In another flashback, and in true Lost style, we find a familiar face. The late Libby bumps into him in an airport coffee shop, and after some almost flirtatious banter, we learn a few things; Libby has a husband who died a month earlier, and Desmond is going on a sailing quest around the world, to earn the love of Penny and the respect of her father. To Desmond’s surprise and luck, Libby happens to have a boat named “Elizabeth” that once belonged her husband, and she is willing to give it Desmond.

For the castaways, the arrival of Desmond means answers, but it turns out that Desmond is just as lost as everyone else.

Meanwhile, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Michael head into the jungle. After Sayid letting Jack know of his suspicions of Michael, the tension in the group is palpable. Not far into the journey, Kate realizes they are being followed, and shoots at two of the Others. This puts into question the safety of the journey, and Jack outs Michael for his dangerous intentions. He confesses to the group his deal with the Others, as well as confesses to the murders of Libby and Ana Lucia.

We head back to some flashbacks of Desmond, which play out like this; Desmond washes ashore after his boat hits a storm, and is towed back to the hatch by a mysterious man in a yellow hazmat suit. And here we meet Inman, an inhabitant of the hatch and if you recall, the same Army intelligence officer who coerced Sayid into torturing his former friend. Inman is now part (willingly or unwillingly) of the Dharma Initiative, and it turns out he’s not too fond of the program. (Note that he draws the “map” on one of the closed steel doors with detergent, which shows up with the help of a black light. What is this map?) He attempts to escape using Desmond’s boat, but is caught by Desmond, and accidentally killed. But the most important thing we learn in the flashback is that Desmond learns that the button in the hatch is in fact real. And the cataclysmic events that could transpire if the button is not pushed are just as real, too.

So now that leaves Desmond… who after being cast ashore once again, is back where he started: in the hatch. The always-curious Locke latches on to Desmond, hoping to get some answers about the hatch, and tells him of his theory that the button is not real. (And by the way, why didn’t Desmond just stop him there, and let him know that the button is legit?) So Locke hatches (no pun intended) a plan to overthrow Eko, who is reigning in the hatch after embarking on his new crusade to babysit the button. The plan goes like this: Locke has Desmond connect some wires, which cause the steel doors to close once again. Locke then wants to sit in the hatch until countdown ends, and prove to himself and the others that the button is nothing more than a social experiment, drawn up by the kooks at Dharma.

Meanwhile, Sayid and his group of merry men are rounding the island when they discover...a foot. A ginormous foot. Now, I am all for the mysteries of the island, but a foot? Not really scary-smelly-but not scary. The group ponders where the rest of the statue might be and continues on their journey. When Sayid approaches the Others camp he finds it desserted. There is even a fake looking hatch! What the heck is going on!!??

Let’s check back in with Jack and friends. On their journey, they stumble upon the notebooks from the Pearl hatch. Apparently the observations scribbled in the little notebooks don't mean jack- as the gang finds thousands of those bank tubes dumped in the middle of nowhere. Just then the group sees Syid's signal- thick black smoke rising above the trees. Then, like a scene from Gilligan's Island, the group is hit by poisonous darts and dragged away by the Others. How creepy was that? All those raggamuffin island folk swarming around? Ewww. Kate calls them out on their little costumes and the freaks haul them off to the beach.

And look who's leading the fold- Henry Gale! That smarmy little Other the group had all locked up is ruling the roost! Henry holds to his word and hands Walt and a boat over to Michael. Michael hops aboard without a moments hesitation. Gale releases Hurley-telling him to head back to the beach and tell the rest of the survivors to stay way from this side of the island. Now, only the love triangle remains tied up-Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Time is ticking down in the hatch, and Locke is getting a little antsy. Eko heads to the beach and recruits Charlie to help him blow open the hatch. Their attempt fails, as Desmond is starting to put 2 and 2 together. The last time the button wasn't pushed something terrible happened- the crash of the Oceanic Flight. While reading over pages and pages of numbers and dates- Desmond discovers that his last minute button pushing had caused some sort of magnetic craziness, causing the aircraft carrying the survivors to crash down on the island. HOLY CRAP! What an awesome explaination!!

3-2-1 the clock winds down and forks start flying. Locke then realizes that he has made a huge mistake. Desmond rummages around for the fail-safe key, he wiggles down under the floor boards- says a sweet goodbye to Penny and flips the switch! There is a large white flash and a loud humming vibration that takes over the entire island. When it subsides, Charlie wanders out of the jungle- minus Locke and Ecko. What happened? Where are they? Are they dead? Is Desmond dead? I am so confused.

We are left with an even more perplexing scene: Desmond's lost love, Penny is alerted after a magentic occurence. Is she tracking down Desmond, or the anomaly of the magnetic hatch?

Way to go, Lost... now I'll be sleepless until September, wondering what the heck is going on! So, any thoughts anyone?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What the....? by AL

Okay guys... just finished watching the finale, and I am... speechless. Literally. I've got to sleep on this one, and I promise me and GirlScout will have an awesome recap for you guys tomorrow!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Three Minutes" by amandalicious

Okay okay, so it's 24 hours later, and I'm FINALLY doing a recap! So here goes:

Michael's "Lost" Time

It's flashback time again on the island, but this time, we finally discover what happened to Michael during his 13 days away from the group. He was immediately captured by the Others after venturing out on his journey to find Walt. And if you know your Lost episodes, you should have recognized a few of the faces of the Others. Such as Alex, Danielle's (the French Woman's) daughter, who we first met in the episode "Maternity Leave", as well as Mr. Friendly (scruffy bearded old guy), one of the Others aboard the boat that kidnapped Walt.

So Michael is taken to the Others' camp, where we find out that he wasn't exactly lying to Jack about their living conditions. It appears that they do indeed live in tents, with a heavily guarded hatch. Upon Michael's arrival, he is introduced to a Ms. Klugh, who immediately begins questioning him about Walt. She wants to know if Walt has ever "appeared in places he wasn't supposed to be", prompting us to recall Walt's "powers" from season one, and his creepy backwards-speaking appearances in the jungle. Things are starting to make sense now as to why Walt might have been captured in the first place.

Finally, after imprisoning Michael for a week, Ms. Klugh gives him what he is looking for: Walt. For three minutes. Now this is where things get interesting, because the desperate screams from Walt are cryptic and troubling. He says that they make him take tests, and that they're "pretending" (remember the ragged costumes that Kate found in the Hospital Hatch?). Ms. Klugh threatens to put him back in the "room", and after breaking free to hug Michael, he's taken away. The whole scene evokes so many questions. Is Walt a part of the Others' plot against Jack and the crew? Has he been brainwashed? Are the Others using Walt's powers for experimental gain?

After Walt leaves, Ms. Klugh gets down to business. She has a proposition for Michael, and we know exactly where this leads him. She says that a member of their group (Henry Gale) has been captured by Michael's people, and that Michael must free him in order for him and Walt to be set free. However, there's more to this trade... she wants Michael to bring back with him only four people; Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley. The four people who followed Michael's trail on his quest for Walt, and were subsequently captured, stripped of their weapons, and let go by the Others.

Michael isn't stupid, and he knows that bringing these four people to the Others is sure to lead to their capture and possible deaths. But he is a desperate father, with a terrified son... and he will do anything to free Walt. Even if it means leading his fellow castaways into a death trap. Michael is quick to accept the offer, and asks for a boat as well.

I think what shocked me at this point, was that Michael acted on his own recognizance in the murder of Ana Lucia and Libby. This makes their deaths that much more heart-wrenching, knowing how unnecessary it was for Michael to kill them. One can't help but envision ways Michael could have freed Henry Gale without having to kill two innocent people.

Meanwhile, Back at the Beach...

It is present day, and Michael is hard at work hand-picking the few that will venture with him into the jungle to rescue Walt. Now that we know his motivation, we see a desperate Michael becoming uneasy and unstable, making sure to follow Ms. Klugh's specific instructions to ensure the return of Walt. Michael has become a man possessed. This is no longer playing-with-the-dog, raft-building Michael. His motives are calculated and desperate, and his sanity hanging on by a thread.

Amidst the tension of preparing for the rescue mission, there are several sub-plots. Claire and Charlie are once again speaking, and Charlie even offers up an immunization kit for Claire and the baby (which, by the way, looks extremely suspect, and will probably come back to haunt Charlie). Charlie also "just says no" to the Mother Mary, heaving the heroin-filled statues into the water. Mr. Eko is continuing on his mysterious mission, this time insisting that the hatch is the place he needs to be. This upsets a church-building Charlie, who is becoming increasingly wary of Eko and his unexplained ambitions. Hurley is preparing to bury and mourn his almost-girlfriend (damn, Hurley... you were so close!) Libby. His devastation is touching, and gives us a steady reminder as to the lethal capabilities of Michael. Jin and Sun aren't seen much throughout this episode, and are probably off fishing and coming up with baby names.

Michael's efforts to carry out Ms. Klugh's wishes hit some speedbumps, when Sayed insists on joining the group. An impassioned Michael pleads with him to not go, saying that it is a mission to find his son, and he will not have it thwarted by a revenge-seeker. Sayed concedes, yet remains suspicious of Michael. Michael then has another challenge, when a mourning Hurley refuses to go.

This leads us to our final scene on the beach. The group is gathering to mourn Ana Lucia and Libby, but not before Sayed voices his concerns about Michael to Jack, and Hurley agrees to join Michael on the expedition for Walt.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the boat! A sailboat approaches the shore during the funeral, and the group is both wary and excited of the approaching vessel. So who is on it? It is one of the others? Is it a rescue? Or is it Desmond, the creepy stranger who ditched the hatch at the beginning of season two?

Of course, this episode leaves us with tons of questions:

-Will Jack and his crew fall into Michael's trap?
-What is Eko's new mission in the hatch? And who is calling him to do these tasks?
-Has Walt been brainwashed by the others?
-What does the sailboat hold for the castaways?

Oh, and I went to the website from the Hanso Foundation commercial, Very interesting and creepy! A map briefly pops up behind the compass, so I took a screen shot of the website. What do you think?


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tonight's Episode... by Amandalicious

I don't know about you guys, but i think tonight's episode is going to rock! Let's just hope it answers some tough questions, such as:

(1) What is up with Michael? Is he merely acting as a desperate father, looking for his son? Or have the others brainwashed him into killing Jack and the crew?

(2) Will Eko's prophetic dreams continue, as him and Locke look for more "?" clues?

(3) Where is hatch #6? Are the others inhabiting it? We know Michael was lying about the others "living in tents", with Kate and Claire's discovery of the "Hospital Hatch"(Episode "Maternity Leave").

(4) And finally, what about the rest of the castaways? The last few episodes revolved around only a handful of the cast. I want to know what's going on with Jin, Sun, Claire, and Charlie.

And, just for your reading enjoyment, i was browing some sites for tonight's episode, and one viewer's review of tonight's episode was rather... umm... drug induced? enjoy:

I really liked this episode of Lost. It was good. Michal Vaughn returned in a surprise cameo from J J's other show, The X-Files, and the Others are revealed to be dinosaurs. This is a clever plot twist as we've come to expect from Lost, and I liked it alot.

So enjoy tonight's episode, and look for a recap tomorrow!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Episode 2:21 "?" by SRG

I love how inter- related Lost and Alias have been the last couple weeks, this episode could have totally been called "I See Dead People" too. Let's get right to it!

I Dream of Yemi
Seems like Eko's brother is in everyone's dreams! We start out with Eko getting a sort of psychic dream where he sees Ana shot and dying telling him to help John (this is before anyone knew she was dead btw), followed by Yemi in the hatch telling Eko to help John find the question mark and bring his axe. Upon waking up he immediately sets out to find John and meets up with Sawyer, Jack and Kate on their way back to the hatch. A shot Michael bursts out of the hatch claiming when he woke up that Henry had a gun and shot Ana, Libby and himself. Shocked, everyone rushes into the hatch to find Ana dead. They assume Libby is as well until she suddenly spits up blood (anyone else reminded of Kill Bill?), which freaks out Michael. Eko volunteers to go after Henry and asks John to come because of his tracking experience.

While in the jungle Eko asks John about the question mark, head butts him for "being difficult" and finally gets John to relay the story of the "?" diagram he saw on the hatch door. Eko believes the drawing to be a map and they end up following it back to the crashed plane Yemi died in. They make camp for the night and John dreams he's Eko being lead up the cliffside by Yemi to something at the top. When John awakes Eko can tell he had a prophetic dream which John describes, so Eko promptly climbs his way to the top of the cliff. At first he sees nothing, then looks down at John and realizes a sort of crop circle "?" is etched into the ground with the plane covering the bottom. After pushing the plane out of the way and digging, the two find the entrance to another hatch, "Station 5: The Pearl", a monitoring facility for the other hatches. The Pearl's orientation video reveals the work in the other hatches to be nothing more than a psychological experiment, a truth that breaks John's faith in the Island, but increases Eko's. From the flashbacks we learn of Eko's time pretending to be a priest and how he was assigned to investigate a supposed "miracle" of a girl coming back to life. I think he started to believe the miracle was true until the girl's father dismissed it as mistaken hypothermia and doctor negligence. It wasn't until the girl found Eko at the airport before Oceanic flight 815 took off and told him about a message she had for him from Yemi that he started to find his faith. Knowing the dreams he and John had led them to The Pearl increased his sense of purpose for being there and thinking there is a reason for all of it that will eventually be revealed.

Meanwhile Back At The Hatch...
Jack knows he can't save Libby and puts Sawyer on the spot about giving up the heroine Mary dolls to make her comfortable, thus revealing where he's also storing the guns. Kate goes with him and discovers that Sawyer has been hiding everything under his shelter the entire time. On their way out they run into Hurley who asks if they've seen Libby...Kate has to break the harsh news about the shooting. Jack injects Libby with the heroine to ease her pain and she suddenly wakes up looking worried. She manages to say "Michael", to which Jack and Hurley assure her Michael's ok. This only makes her more frantic and she dies with her eyes and mouth open in a frightful panic. The episode closes on a slow zoom-in on Michael, looking very evil and creepy.

Interesting Tidbits
Anyone else recognize the father of the "miracle" girl? Yup, that was Claire's psychic who told her she must raise her baby and made her take flight 815. With her flashback story he seemed pretty legit, but he told Eko that he made his living as a fraud, that he dug up dirt on people and used it to exploit them. So how did he know Claire taking flight 815 would force her to raise her baby because of the crash?

"Rats in a maze with no cheese", I thought that was a great quote from John after he learned the Dharma Initiative was nothing more than a mind game. Anyone else check out

Something to ponder...we saw that The Pearl had monitoring videos of The Swan's hatch, does that mean there's video evidence of Michael shooting Ana and Libby? Also, if the monitoring station is Station 5, what is Station 6?

Looks like next week Michael manages to convince everyone they can take on The Others and rescue Walt and the bearded crazy guy is back. We still don't know if Michael is brainwashed or just fullfilling some sort of I'm thinking the latter, but that just makes me more angry with him. I feel weird saying this since I hated her in the beginning, but I'm actually going to miss Ana a little bit, and I definitely feel sorry for Hurley that he lost Libby. Will he ever find out she was in the same mental hospital as him? Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

LOST Night

Michael is in charge! After last weeks shocker- I have no idea what to expect tonight- aside from more SHOCK! Stay tuned for an episode recap!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two for the Road by SRG

I don’t know about you guys, but the shocker endings of both Lost and Alias caused me some major problems trying to fall asleep last night! Here’s a little summary of the events surrounding the characters:

Anna Lucia Flashbacks
Covering her tracks well, Anna made the murder of her attacker practically anonymous, but her mother/Captain knew otherwise. Scared that her mom knew her secret, Anna runs away to Australia with a guy she met at the bar…a guy who just happens to be Jack’s drunk of a father. He claims he needs her “protection” for a task he needs to do over there. Whether or not they were lovers is unclear, I’m thinking they might have been drunken lovers, but they had separate hotel rooms, what do you guys think? She drives him to a house where he confronts a woman and claims he wants to see his daughter…who knows what that was about. Anna decides she’s had enough of her time with him and wants to go home, so she leaves him at a bar (where he eventually meets Sawyer) and books Oceanic Flight 815 to fly home. Does anyone else notice a theme of Jack’s dad being involved with many of the characters?

John wakes up to the sound of Henry attacking and trying to kill Anna. He saves her life by hitting Henry over the head with one of his crutches. Later on, John is perplexed as to why Henry tried to kill Anna when he could have easily hurt or killed John when he was trapped under the door. Henry claims that John is one of the “good ones” and his mission was to bring John back to his people. You can tell John is very intrigued by these words, but isn’t able to ask Henry more about it because Jack and Kate shout for his help as they bring in Michael unconscious.

After waking up, Michael claims that he found the Others and they’re living worse off than the crash victims. Other than having their own hatch, where he believes the children including Walt are being held, he says they’re basically defenseless and would be easily defeated. Later on he gets up from resting to find Anna upset holding the gun she stole away from Sawyer by seducing him. She explains that she couldn’t bring herself to shoot Henry and Michael says he’ll do it, so she gives him the gun and the lock combination for the cell door. It’s the last thing she ever does…Michael says “I’m sorry” and shoots her in the stomach. Unfortunate Libby walks in on the scene as she’s getting wine for a picnic with Hurley, and in his shock Michael shoots her as well. He opens the cell door, looks at Henry, and shoots himself in the shoulder. THE END

Extremely shocking turn of events at the end, I was totally blown away (no pun intended)! At first I thought Michael killed himself, but from the previews for next week, it looks like he shot himself to make it look like he was also a victim and frame Henry for the shootings. There are at least two possible theories about why he did this…first he could have been brainwashed by the Others to turn on the crash victims. It’s possible that he’s leading them into a trap by saying the Others are defenseless and they should take them. OR he’s fulfilling some kind of deal he made with the Others to get Walt back. He looked extremely shocked at what he had just done when he shot Anna and Libby…if he had been turned evil you’d think he wouldn’t have looked so disturbed by his actions. Some questions I’ve come up with are why they would reveal Libby’s truth about being in the same mental hospital as Hurley and then kill her? Or that Anna was only in Australia because of Jack’s dad, then kill her? It was like finding out Jack was basically responsible for Shannon’s dad dying, then she died too. They seem to be revealing interesting plots from the characters’ back stories and then promptly ending them with death, which I don’t understand. What do you guys think??

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hi All,

If you have ventured from Let's Talk Alias, then you are well aware of my obsession with intelligent television. You know I am a seeker of truth, an English major on a literary mission to turn all those who merely enjoy LOST, into well equipped, clue-collecting viewers. And if you are new- then you will soon learn all this about me.

Welcome to Let's Get LOST, the very near and dear sister of Let's Talk Alias. When Alias (the love of my life) is laid to rest in the ABC graveyard, I, and my room mate Amanda, will have plenty of time, energy and insight- which we will be focusing on JJ's current hit, LOST. I may not know enough about it now to comment on any particular theory- but I plan to "desert" my friends and family, become "stranded" in my home with the DVD's, take the "crash" course, not give in to the pressures of "Others" and become an A1 bonafide encyclopedia of LOST.

The site will be up and running on June 1st. Thanks to all of you loyal bloggers and hello and hi to all the new ones. Stay Tuned...